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Miami Dolphins: 5 Things We Learned From Preseason Game vs. Atlanta Falcons

There's never too much excitement around the Miami Dolphins. Each year fans gather in anticipation that the Dolphins can finally break through and get into the playoffs. On Saturday night when the Dolphins played against the Atlanta Falcons the stadium looked like it was near full capacity for a meaningless preseason game; that’s how you know that the Miami Dolphins have created a lot of buzz throughout the ...

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Miami Dolphins: Is This Finally The Dolphins Year?

Everyone this year can see that the Miami Dolphins have a chance to make the playoffs. Even the Harvard University gave their opinion. Not too long ago the Dolphins were picked by Harvard to play in the Super Bowl. You probably read the headline of the story and thought the same thought that I had in my mind when I read it, “Super Bowl? The Dolphins need to make the playoffs first.” That thought is true. Ye ...

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