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Racist? Emory University President applauds decision to make Black people three-fifths of a person

Wagner wrote, “One instance of constitutional compromise was the agreement to count three-fifths of the slave population for purposes of state representation in Congress.” ...

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Malcolm X Shabazz High School: A School on the Rise

I am impressed with Malcolm X Shabazz High School, which was somewhat troubled in the past. Using its extraordinary football team as a rallying point, the school has substantially increased its test scores and academic performance ...

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Bayard Rustin: An Unsung Hero for Equality

Bayard Rustin, an often un-sung hero of the civil rights movement, spent his entire life exposing injustice in our nation ...

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Five of America’s largest media companies announced a new collaboration in support of Let’s Move! ...

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Hair salon host “Big Chop” party to cut off permed hair

One particular shop, Formula Salon, in Richmond, VA recently hosted an event called The Big Chop Party. During the event women came in to the shop to have their permed and chemically treated hair cut off so that they can start over and grow their hair naturally ...

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180 Days: A Year Inside An American High School

180 Days: A Year Inside An Amercan High School is an intimate portrait of life for the first graduating class of Washington Metropolitan High School (DC Met), a public school in Washington, D.C, where only seven percent of students are deemed “proficient” in math and only 19 percent in reading. ...

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I Was A Slave, Plantation Life

Plantation Life ...

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Walk in the footsteps of Black Patriots at Valley Forge Park

What a difference! When I visited Valley Forge many years and many park units later and found that my Black ancestors were part of General Washington’s army that played such a definitive role in winning the Revolutionary War, I couldn’t believe I had never learned that in any history class or seen it in the media anywhere. ...

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Philadelphia Board of Health wants to kill more poor babies

Board of Health has passed a new resolution on Feb. 15, 2013 calling for the federal government and the state of Pennsylvania to fund all abortions for poor women. Haven’t they harmed enough women already? Now they want to go back for more killing ...

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