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Jamie Foxx pulls man from burning car

Jamie Foxx was a real-life superhero on Monday when he pulled a man from a burning car, Gossip Cop confirms with his rep. ...

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Bomb threats received at nine northern New Jersey schools

Bomb threats were phoned in to at least nine schools in New Jersey this week, forcing evacuations or lock-downs, ...

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‘RUN THEM OVER’: Read The Black Lives Matter post that landed a Minnesota cop in big trouble

“Run them over,” the post reads. “Keep traffic flowing and don’t slow down for any of these idiots who try and block the streets. ...

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CNN producer files a $50 million lawsuit against Time Warner for racial discrimination

Walker has filed a law-suit against Time Warner Inc., Turner Services Inc., CNN, and Turner Broadcasting System. The $50 million lawsuit is occasioned by what Walker terms racial discrimination against him ...

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Lottery winners who blew it all

Lottery winners who blew it all ...

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Racist Thai beauty ad that praises White skin causes online uproar

Many people expressed concerns that the ad promotes a racist ideology, giving the impression that white skin is superior ...

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Obama announces gun control actions, expands background checks

The President, speaking at the White House, said background checks "make a difference" and will be expanded so that they can cover purchases online, at gun shows and in other venues. ...

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