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Anthony Foxx sworn in as Obama’s Transportation Secretary

The reward for Foxx is that he is now the Transportation Secretary for the Obama Administration. Foxx was sworn in this week in a private ceremony ...

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Election of Kevin Johnson to head Black Mayors group ‘invalid’

Johnson was elected president of the NCBM at that election, but since the election was declared invalid, the board of directors in place at the time of the election has resumed control of the organization until a new election can be held, probably in September. ...

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few really dumb things about the Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin Trial

Here are a few things about the trial of George Zimmerman that just don’t make much sense ...

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President Obama visits controversial slave site in Senegal

While visiting a disputed slave site in Senegal, President Obama observed that many of the countries in Africa have made much more progress than they’re credited for achieving. ...

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Obama visits with the family of Nelson Mandela

The president met with Mandela’s family in private on Saturday and even referred to him as “Madiba,” his tribal name, during a public statement. ...

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Seventeen-year-old stabbed to death during family cookout after dispute over chicken

Hart’s family says he was stabbed in the neck after getting into a disagreement over a piece of chicken. ...

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Seriously? NYC mayor says stop and frisk discriminates against White people

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has stated that he believes that the controversial “stop and frisk” policy of the New York Police Department discriminates against white people ...

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HBCUs are still highly valued institutions

HBCUs are still highly valued institutions ...

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Never too late: CA man overcomes homelessness and poverty, becomes college graduate

A Black man who grew up as a foster child on the mean streets of Oakland, California recently achieved an academic milestone few people accomplish who share similar circumstances of his adverse background. ...

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