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Federal hate crimes filed in Charleston church shooting

Federal hate crimes filed in Charleston church shooting ...

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At least five Black women have died in police custody since Mid-July

Turner’s name is added to a growing list that includes at least five Black women who have died in police custody since mid-July. The list includes Sandra Bland, Kindra Chapman and Ralkina Jones. ...

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Supervisor at Kansas City hotel hangs slave doll to mock Sandra Bland’s death

A white supervisor at a Kansas City, Mo. hotel tastelessly mocked Sandra Bland’s death by hanging a “slave doll” from a doorway at the hotel. ...

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U.S. gun violence: A human rights failure

A human rights failure ...

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Women police officers express passion for male-dominated field

In many cases women officers’ perspectives have been silenced pertaining to violence and their contributions to the changing landscape of this country have been nonexistent. ...

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White Cincinnati campus cop indicted for murder of Black man

In an historical move, a white Cincinnati, Ohio campus police officer was indicted for murder Wednesday afternoon in the shooting death of a local Black man on July 19. ...

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Black male STEM story

The Minority Male Makers Program (MMMP) will introduce young Black men to opportunities in the STEM field. That’s short for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. ...

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As North Carolina officials try to Defend Voter Suppression Law, their arguments fall apart under ccrutiny

As the State has attempted to defend the discriminatory measure over the past few days, attorneys representing the plaintiffs – including the North Carolina State Conference of the NAACP, the League of Women Voters of North Carolina, and the Department of Justice – revealed the flaws in their arguments, demonstrating the harmful and discriminatory impacts of the law. ...

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