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White racism costs whites, too

White racism costs whites, too ...

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New NNPA Chair: ‘We’re going to flex our muscles’

‘We’re going to flex our muscles’ ...

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Woman gets library card 73 years after she was denied book in North Carolina

Pearl Thompson wanted to check out a book from a North Carolina library. But she was told no, because she is Black. ...

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Nation of Islam Planning Million Man March 20th Anniversary

The Nation of Islam is readying plans for the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington, D.C. The event will once again occur on Oct. 10 at the National Mall. ...

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Incarcerated women, girls suffer abuse and neglect in criminal justice system

The panel also addressed the disproportionate number of female prisoners formerly in the foster care system and who have suffered childhood physical abuse, sexual molestation, and abandonment. ...

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Aging out: Life after foster care

Life after foster care ...

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Congress struggles to replace No Child Left Behind

As Congress works toward a comprehensive education policy that will replace the Bush Administration’s No Child Left Behind, two different bills from the House and Senate are up for consideration. ...

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Lawmakers consider treating prison inmates like human beings with Pell Grants for education

If all goes according to plan, prisoners might soon be eligible for Pell Grants to attend college while they are still in prison. ...

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The Black Print: Rise of the Black Millennial

Rise of the Black Millennial ...

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