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First Lady To Celebrate 50th Birthday Friday

WASHINGTON — Nearing a milestone birthday, Michelle Obama (pictured) exuberantly describes herself as “50 and fabulous.” She’s celebrating already and a big birthday bash is in the works. The nation’s first lady hits the half-century mark on Friday and, by her own account, she feels more relaxed now that President Barack Obama‘s days as a candidate are over. “That layer is gone now. It gives me a little mor ...

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2013: The year of the intern

2013: The year of the intern ...

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President Obama tells Clarence Aaron he can finally go home

President Barack Obama has ordered an early release from prison for Clarence Aaron, who has spent 20 years there, hoping for mercy. ...

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Preserving Nelson Mandela’s legacy

Preserving Nelson Mandela’s legacy ...

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Homelessness increases in U.S.

Homelessness increases in U.S. ...

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U.S. supported White minority – rule in South Africa

U.S. supported White minority - rule in South Africa ...

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U.S. winning the ‘War on Poverty”

U.S. winning the ‘War on Poverty” ...

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Credit Card Debt threatens Black middle class

In the Recession’s aftermath, 79 percent of middle class African American households carry credit card debt. And although they have less debt than before the Recession, the credit crunch continues as Black households spend an average $368 on credit to make ends meet. ...

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