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EPA to require air pollution measurements in Black communities

These fence line measurements will give surrounding communities – largely low-income communities of color – data on the level of pollution they are exposed to each day. ...

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Michael Eric Dyson says President Obama needs to step up in Ferguson

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson called on President Barack Obama to use his influence and get more involved in the current situation occurring in Ferguson. ...

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U.S. ‘falling further behind’ on race relations

Twenty years after signing the “International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination,” the United States continues to struggle with racial disparities in every major sector of American society. ...

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Jesse Jackson calls Michael Brown shooting ‘Crime of Injustice’

Jesse Jackson told The American he hopes that the U.S. Department of Justice sees the Ferguson Police shooting of Michael Brown on Saturday and resulting community violence as “systematic of a national crisis.” ...

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Pregnant protester alleges she was maced and thrown to the ground by police

A pregnant woman who protested the killing of Michael Brown says police pulled a gun on her, then maced and threw her to the ground. ...

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The North Carolina NAACP disagrees with the court’s decision to refuse to stop harsh voter restrictions from being enforced during November Election

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory and his administration to have the NC NAACP’s legal challenge to the massive voter suppression law dismissed. Instead, he ruled that the case will be set for a full trial in 2015. ...

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Blacks in the South and Midwest hurt most by jobless cuts

South and Midwest slashed unemployment benefits after the Great Recession, claiming it was an effort to save money and boost the economy, they only succeeded in disproportionately hurting Black families already struggling to make ends meet. ...

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Young Black political leaders emerge as triple threat

Young Black political leaders emerge as triple threat ...

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President Obama welcomes young African leaders to Washington

“I launched the Young African Leaders Initiative to make sure that we’re tapping into the incredible talent and creativity of young Africans like you,” said President Obama ...

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