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Living, breathing Black Press History

Living, breathing Black Press History ...

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New book by Isaias Gamboa explores the legacy of ‘We Shall Overcome’

Those questions are answered in the new book “We Shall Overcome: Sacred Songs on the Devil’s Tongue” by music industry vet turned author Isaias Gamboa. ...

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Tuskegee University to host one of oldest professional farmers conferences in the nation

The first Farmers Conference was held at Tuskegee University on Feb. 23, 1892. ...

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Economists want Obama to do more to reduce Black unemployment

Anderson said that the Black community also has to put pressure on the president to directly address Black unemployment and to break the 2:1 gap that exists between Blacks and whites. ...

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The day has arrived that’s celebrated all across the United States, in memory of the creators of this great country-The Presidents’ Day. Warm wishes from  the  Westside gazette to all of you out there on this special occasion! The day marks the celebration of the birthdays’ of the first President of the United States of America-George Washington and the abolisher of slavery-Abraham Lincoln. Their actual bir ...

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Yvette ask writers Charing Ball and Darryl Cox: Do Black see ex-LAPD cop turned killer as Django?

The African-American community seems to have mixed feelings about the Ex-LAPD cop turned killer Chris Dorner ...

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How Corporations make money from prison labor: They’re happy to have more inmates

If asked, representatives for these prisons say that no one profits from the inmates, that the prison labor is to sustain and maintain the prison itself and that it is government funded. ...

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High-achieving first-year students honored at Tuskegee University

More than 200 students from the Class of 2016 at Tuskegee University were recognized for their academic successes ...

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Tuskegee student to study at Ralph Bunche center at UCLA

The Bunche Center is the result of the struggle by Black students at UCLA to have their history and culture recognized and studied ...

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