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Leaders craft a ‘Black Agenda’ for President Obama

Black leaders from across the nation outlined a “Black Agenda” that would be presented to President Barack Obama and Congress early next year. ...

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Nelson Mandela hospitalized again, world prays

People around the world are praying for the health of former South African President Nelson Mandela as he remained hospitalized since last weekend for a lung infection ...

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NNPA Foundation retires mortgage on national headquarters

National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA) Foundation and Lenora Alexander, the treasurer, signed the final documents last week retiring the mortgage loan for the organization’s Washington D.C. headquarters at 3200 13th Street NW, Washington, D.C ...

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Wilmington Ten prosecutor called ‘delusional’ for defending ‘racist’ actions

Wilmington Ten should be granted a pardon of innocence by Gov. Perdue. Stroud is still delusional 40 years later about basic fairness and equality under the law. I pray that Stroud will one day find it in his heart to repent for the wrong that he has done with respect to the Wilmington Ten.” ...

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Blackunemployment drops faster than for whites

The Black unemployment rate fell to 13.2 percent in November, down from 14.3 percent the previous month. The decrease ...

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Campus police kill bipolar graduate student Bartholomew Williams

San Bernadino police recently shot to death an unarmed Black graduate student who suffered from a bipolar disorder. The student was shot during a fight with police inside a campus building ...

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Extraordinary talents: Twin sisters achieve exceedingly rare feat

After graduating from Xavier University with a 4.0 average in both chemistry and pre-med, Asia Matthew went looking to beat the odds ...

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‘Fiscal cliff’ might push poor, Blacks over the edge

If Republicans and Democrats don’t reach a 12th hour deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff,” many lower-and middle-income families will feel deep pain, according to analysis by economists and respected think tanks. ...

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The woman whose boyfriend killed her after she confessed to having HIV

Cicely Bolden had s*x with Larry Dunn, and Dunn says that the woman didn’t tell him that she was HIV-positive until after the two had intercourse ...

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