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“What to say for the Holidays”                               

         Seriously, this IS the season of light, shining on all of us. The bigger challenge is to carry the spirit of this season throughout the whole year, and come together for the well-being of all. Happy holidays, everyone...and please pass the platter of Love around the entire table!                        ...

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Governor Rick Scott mean-spirited and malicious

     The action taken by Governor Rick Scott on August 30, 2018 to suspend Dr. Brenda C. Snipes as the Broward County Supervisor of Elections for Broward County was nothing less than mean-spirited and malicious.  The Executive Order issued after 5 p.m. on a Friday was intended by Governor Scott to go unnoticed and without accountability.  ...

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Amendment 4 Has Passed and Implementation Questions Start

     On voting day November 6, 2018, with “Amendment 4,” Florida voters abolished the state’s archaic, racist, unconstitutional voter rights restoration process. This was a victory for justice, democracy, racism, and felony disenfranchisement. Now convicted ex-felons will have a portion of their stripped civil rights restored, 9 becoming productive citizens, who can vote. ...

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The Demonic suction tube

The Demonic suction tube ...

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China Policy: Disappointment is no excuse

Disappointment is no excuse ...

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Protecting the most vulnerable from genocide

Protecting the most vulnerable from genocide ...

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Rev. Barbara Skinner and Intergenerational Leadership

After the midterm elections, the Congressional Black Caucus has emerged as a powerful bloc among Democrats, with a massive 53 members, nearly a quarter of the 235 Democrats who will be seated in Congress in January. The group’s power is weakened, however, when there are intergenerational conflicts and fissures among the membership ...

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The Congressional Black Caucus needs to get to work on the Western Sahara

  “… the conflict in the Western Sahara is an inner-African struggle… it represents a struggle over the future of Africa not only because it may explode once again but be-cause it calls into question the terms under which peace and justice can truly emerge on a continent divided as it has been by boundaries originally established by European colonial powers.” ...

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Is the Migrant Caravan Real or A Fabricated Masquerade?

Is the Migrant Caravan Real or A Fabricated Masquerade? ...

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