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Energy is our ticket to economic prosperity

In order to get out of debt and to obtain prosperity, you first need a source of income ...

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Governor Scott raising $50,000 a day for re-election campaign

Governor Scott’s re-election campaign machine entitled “Let’s Get to Work’ is raking in cash and checks at the rate of $50,000 a day ...

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Political profit unfolds the politics of political deception

the Republican majority in the Florida State Legislature, recently acted as the political ramrod for special interests acting on their behalf. ...

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Dear: Broward County Community Stakeholder

As a stakeholder, we are soliciting your support to assist in developing a support service network for Black women living with HIV and their families affected by HIV/AIDS; and lack the community services support system to help them to maintain an adequate quality of life ...

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Obama budget breaks Social Security pledge

Social Security cost of living increases has caused a firestorm among supporters who now feel betrayed. ...

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Immigration reform: It’s a heartland issue

Immigration isn’t just a border state issue. It’s a heartland issue ...

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Unemployment numbers

unemployment rate fell by .05 percent this month, it still sits at nearly 13.3 percent, nearly double the overall rate. ...

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Is the Voting Rights act still needed?

Is Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act still needed ...

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