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Pigs do fly

“When pigs fly” is a figure of speech often used to describe something that seems impossible to achieve. Justice and Witness Ministries claimed this phrase for years as a way to encourage and challenge all of us to work for justice even if it seems impossible to realize at the moment. ...

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The massive human and moral cost of gun violence

The heartrending massacre of 20, six- and seven-year-old children and six educators in Newtown, Conn. has galvanized public attention once again after a mass shooting. But the killing of children by gun violence is not new ...

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NRA maintains stranglehold on Congress

(NRA) expressed confidence that new gun legislation will stall in Congress. ...

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NC NAACP Statement on Pardon of Wilmington Ten

Today the spirit of justice was awakened in the capitol of North Carolina. Governor Beverly Perdue signed a Pardon of Innocence for nine men and one woman known as ‘The Wilmington 10. ...

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Vantage Point

State of Emergency in Black America: Time to Heal Black Families and Communities. ...

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Saying you’re Black doesn’t make it so!

In a post last year about white folk who claim to be Blacker than Black folk, I mentioned that disgraced ...

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Analogies so often escape the politics of realities

Consequently, with each new beginning comes a reflection on the old, along with resolutions for the new. Just happens that way. ...

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What has caused Americas’ gun murder epidemic?

The Second Amendment may need clearer comprehension, and our lawmakers should find positive input with solutions for the gun murder epidemic ...

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Don’t deflect the blame, stand up to evil

Yet that is the nature of evil. Evil comes when you least expect it. Evil takes. ...

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