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The Republican Party members have real names and they are a threat to the American Society

Republican Party should step in and stop this illegal form of politics that is on the verge of destroying the American economic recovery ...

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Community and clergy start groundbreaking initiative to curb teen violence in Miami Gardens and North Miami Dade County

The rate of violent and serious crimes committed by young people is increasing at an alarming rate in the City of Miami Gardens ...

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A Longshoreman’s perspective

A Longshoreman’s perspective ...

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What Killed President Kennedy and Trayvon Martin?

What Killed President Kennedy and Trayvon Martin? ...

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The GOP’s Game: Political Chaos

Political Chaos ...

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More meteors coming our way

More than a thousand people were injured and heavy damage was done in the vicinity of the meteor. ...

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“Jesse Jackson, Jr., Christopher Dorner”

They are both men who were experienced in their chosen professions, were educated and well trained ...

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Putting Economics before politics

Economics is about empowerment, and our dollars should be used more wisely to that end. Politics is about self-interest, and our votes should reflect that truth ...

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Lil Wayne insults the memory of Emmett Till

Like everyone else, I was appalled to learn that rapper Lil Wayne had made a vulgar reference to Till’s death ...

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