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The Right-Wing witch hunt against Susan Rice

Myths And Facts About The Right-Wing Witch Hunt Against Susan Rice.” ...

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Doing our part for World AIDS Day

Doing our part for World AIDS Day ...

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Not all public policy is created equal

discussions about ways to change Social Security and Medicare benefits in order to save money. One of the proposals is ...

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Obama stands by Susan Rice

President Obama should continue to stand up for Ambassador Rice with strong fervor and renewed determination not to be sidetracked from pushing his national and international agenda forward. ...

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Civil Rights hypocrites

Civil Rights hypocrites ...

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Tuning out Black radio

“Historically, Black radio … fulfilled all functions Black people needed … but now it’s time to take a serious look and right the wrong of the mess we call Black radio today ...

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Will President Obama put African Americans on his To-Do-List?

The leaders in the African American community must borrow the Hispanics' talking points, and say to the President, “We helped you now you help us ...

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