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Hip Hop is a class act at Temple U.

Hip Hop is a class act at Temple U. ...

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The politics of greed pollutes the political oxygen

[caption id="attachment_12500" align="alignleft" width="144"] Derek Joy[/caption] The politics of greed pollutes the political oxygen By Derek Joy True ‘dat. The media, Congress and the American people are talking as the dust settles and the smoke clears in the aftermath of the government shutdown. The end result is an estimated $24-billion loss to the American economy. And for what? Tea Party Republicans a ...

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Is Scott creating a mess with the Common Core standards?

He is now gutting the new Common Core standard, and abandoning the standardized testing associated with the program. ...

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Washington football team should drop the “R” word

It is time for Washington’s NFL team to stop using a racial slur and to finally change its name.” ...

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President Obama’s Showdown with ‘Teapublicans’ is just beginning

Believe it or not, President Obama’s decision to finally stand up to Tea-publicans – a Republican Party hijacked by Right-wing Tea Party zealots – in the latest standoff over the Affordable Care Act and the debt ceiling was the easy part. ...

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Prominent leaders push for expansion of bacterial meningitis vaccine Health disparities working group urges the CDC to ensure all families have equal access to immunizations

Former Congressmen J.C. Watts, Jr., and Ron Dellums, along with National Medical Association President Michael A. LeNoir, M.D. are leading a newly formed Health Disparities Working Group ...

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Has President Obama silenced Black voices?

Ever since President Obama’s election as the country’s 44th President, his voice has been escalated and Black community voices have been somewhat silenced. ...

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‘Yes, we can’?

To show they can govern responsibly, they must now find how to offer constructive engagement in the national dialogue to gain compromise on the course of policies. ...

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Republicans and the new ‘white flight’

Driven by its reactionary Tea Party faction and the Right’s newest demagogue, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the GOP tried to use forcing a shutdown of the government and the debt-default threat to hijack the democratic process – to effectively repeal Obamacare and destroy the authority of the president. ...

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