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Now is the time to do something about gun violence

President Biden stood between two rows of mothers and put pressure on Congress to pass a law on gun violence ...

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End the ‘war on drugs’ now

As we gather in Dr. King’s memory on April 4 this year, our charge must be to call on President Obama to exercise leadership by proclaiming to the nation that it is time to end the War on Drugs and treat the crisis of drugs as a public health rather than criminal justice issue ...

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Black Republican Trailblazers

Capitalism is a key Republican Party pillar, and these trailblazers made great marks on Black Americans’ businesses and opportunities ...

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More youth priced out of college

even harder, results from the combination of foul economic times and continued cuts in support for students and colleges at the federal and state level. ...

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Every person in the State of Florida should be a Republican

“Business owners should be Republicans, and so should employees who need those businesses to thrive ...

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White media masquerading as Black

Both are white-owned entities masquerading as Black media. ...

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Can we all just get along?

Can we all just get along? ...

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Can March on Washington’s Unity be duplicated?

March on Washington’s Unity ...

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Banks continue to peddle payday loans

Even worse, when banks peddle predatory payday loans, they pose serious threats to their customers’ financial well-being ...

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