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Entitlement programs’ serve elderly and poor

Democrats have failed to explain to the public that the misnamed programs are valuable and prevent millions of Americans, many of them elderly or children, from living in poverty. ...

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Look who’s ‘Lazy’ and ‘Crazy’

These laws are about suppressing likely Democratic votes. They are about racism and racist attitudes. ...

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Steve Harvey’s 90 day pimping plan

Entertainer, TV host and comedian Steve Harvey has gotten a lot of publicity about his book about relationships. ...

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Still reeling from the Tea Party’s Party

The Tea Party Republicans attempted to fly their planes into the ‘battleship’ of government, making the assumption that the ‘battleship’ would change course. ...

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Don’t repeat the shutdown

How can you make the argument for spending cuts or rally against spending on a law that would actually reduce the deficit and ensure healthcare for all Americans and at the same time support a shutdown that cost the economy $24 billion… ...

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Bullying does not lead to suicide

Bullying does not lead to suicide ...

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Multiple screen viewing

Multiple screen viewing ...

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Coping with student loan repayment

After analyzing approximately 3,800 student loan complaints submitted from October 1, 2012 through September 30, 2013, CFPB focused on problems with crediting payments to private student loan accounts ...

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Americas’ natural resources and the new world order

Americas’ natural resources and the new world order ...

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