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Integrated Inequality: A tale of two Americas

We now see a fair number of successful Blacks hailed as examples of the progress and possibilities that define American democracy ...

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Political maneuvering over the budget

Obama’s budget will mean hell for some needy citizens. ...

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“Obama” as a prefix

Obamacare is not perfect, it brings more people into the health care system ...

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Everyone is hopping on the gay rights bandwagon

political arena has been expressing support for gay rights and same-sex marriage. ...

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Is Florida’s new educational bill a bandage on a broken system?

As Governor Scott gets ready to sign a bill that will make it easier for certain students to get a diploma ...

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Check in the mail for wronged mortgage borrowers

But beginning April 12, checks will begin going into the mail for 4.2 million mortgage borrowers ...

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Energy is our ticket to economic prosperity

In order to get out of debt and to obtain prosperity, you first need a source of income ...

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Governor Scott raising $50,000 a day for re-election campaign

Governor Scott’s re-election campaign machine entitled “Let’s Get to Work’ is raking in cash and checks at the rate of $50,000 a day ...

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Political profit unfolds the politics of political deception

the Republican majority in the Florida State Legislature, recently acted as the political ramrod for special interests acting on their behalf. ...

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