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Analogies so often escape the politics of realities

Consequently, with each new beginning comes a reflection on the old, along with resolutions for the new. Just happens that way. ...

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What has caused Americas’ gun murder epidemic?

The Second Amendment may need clearer comprehension, and our lawmakers should find positive input with solutions for the gun murder epidemic ...

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Don’t deflect the blame, stand up to evil

Yet that is the nature of evil. Evil comes when you least expect it. Evil takes. ...

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Christmas reflects the spirit of sharing and giving

Aside from the commercial aspect of Christmas, consider the value of family. Yes, it is written that “charity begins at home” and a wealth of charity beyond the material concept can be seen in the virtues of value in family. ...

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It is time to act to protect children against gun violence

After all, for most parents protecting their children is a primal and primary instinct. This is just one reason this tragedy, which happened in school—a place where tens of mil-lions of parents send their children every single day and need to trust they will be safe, has instilled so much horror and despair. ...

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How social are you?

There is simply no way to avoid it; no matter how bah-humbug you may be over all this “new-fangled” connecting. ...

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Will America now find the will to take a stand against guns?

Will America now find the will to take a stand against guns? ...

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Suffer the children

The murder of those 20 children last week in Connecticut accentuates what he voiced. ...

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Dear God! When will it stop?

Dear God! When will it stop? ...

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