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Will killing of Ambassador impact the Presidential election?

These events have raised a new and potential volatile political issue in the United States, with only seven weeks left in the presidential election ...

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The obligation of voting

political parties are over, it’s time to do some serious critical thinking and analysis of how and for whom we are going to vote ...

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Dupers, jackasses and jerks

most reasonably intelligent human beings scratch their heads in disbelief ...

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“Our children do what we do, not what we say;” :The severe need for ‘CIVILITY’ in the political process in our community

I know some of you don’t think that you are role models, but once you thrust yourself in the eye of the public-political ...

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If you can’t beat him join him

Democratic National Convention was pre-faced by a slew of hard hitting attacks on Republican Party politics ...

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Governor Scott tours Florida schools to improve education

Scott is trying to improve his image, he begins to understand that Floridians are proud of their educational system, ...

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Called out by Republicans, Clinton answers in masterful convention speech

Clinton presented an exhaustive argument for Obama (and against the Republicans) with four key elements: ...

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Obama needs to project more than hope

Both Obama and Bill Clinton were elected president without receiving a majority of the White vote. And Obama can do it again this year. ...

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Holding on at the “Center of Hope”

family moved into the Center of Hope for Women and Children, a homeless shelter, after their apartment was robbed and they were evicted ...

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