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Natalie Cole: Still unforgettable

Natalie Cole: Still unforgettable ...

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Black consciousness vs. Christianity

Black consciousness vs. Christianity ...

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‘Southern Justice’ in Cleveland

‘Southern Justice’ in Cleveland ...

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Nothing matters

Nothing matters ...

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Will Black America make major strides toward unity in 2016?

2016 has started with a bang, and Black America is in a position to build political organizations and alliances across generational and economical demographics. “Black Lives Matter” has energized a younger segment of Black America, which older Black political organizations thought were not engaged or strategically involved. ...

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Deadly force or health crisis team?

What ever happened to the mental health crisis team that you used to call whenever there was a person that had a mental crisis? ...

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Black Monday

Black Monday ...

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What will you sacrifice for justice?

What will you sacrifice for justice? ...

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Police kill unarmed Black men out of fear

As the number of unarmed African American shooting and murder victims continues to climb, at the hands of law enforcement officials, without any accountability, there is tremendous reason for concern; and to have those officers fail to be indicted, there is room for even more concern. ...

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