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Punish gunners

when a gunner commits a crime, punish gunner, not the gun ...

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Why can’t Congress law makers Govern freedom and equality for all Americans?

According to our Founding Fathers of America, I am sure they did not mean for this country to continue to create new forms of control to keep the mass of Americans subservient. ...

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An open letter to house speaker Boehner

[caption id="attachment_19330" align="alignleft" width="180"] Stephanie Jones[/caption] An open letter to house speaker Boehner By Stephanie J. Jones Dear Speaker Boehner: It’s hard to know whether to feel pity or disgust for you as we watch you whine, bellow, threaten and renege your way through a government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis that you easily could end by behaving like the Speaker of the Hous ...

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Republicans won’t quit after failing to defund “Obamacare’ 42 times

Having repeatedly failed through normal channels of getting legislation passed, Republicans sided with conservative strategists who earlier this year conceived a plan to shut down the federal government to force President Barack Obama to concede ...

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Don’t play politics with the debt limit

it should never be a political pawn in an ideological game (yes, game) of who will blink first. ...

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There were alternatives to bankruptcy in Detroit

[caption id="attachment_12473" align="alignleft" width="144"] Julianne Malveaux[/caption] There were alternatives to bankruptcy in Detroit By Julianne Malveaux You don’t have to be from Detroit to be angry at what is happening there. And you don’t have to be from Detroit to lend your voice to an injustice that not only affects Detroit, but also the rest of the nation. If you agree with the Rainbow/PUSH Coal ...

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Is the Government shutdown a game for the two parties?

The government shutdown is a national disgrace and an international embarrassment ...

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“Taking what they could not win”

Politics may be the wrong word to describe what they are now attempting. ...

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Yes, mental illness affects ‘us’

“They are not aware of the symptoms of many mental disorders, or they may believe that to be mentally ill is a sign of weakness or a sign of character fault. ...

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