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Same song yesterday, same song yesterday

political exclusion and the demonization ...

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A Southern Governor breaks with the past

Gov. George C. Wallace’s June 11, 1963 “Stand in the School House Door” at the University of Alabama ...

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U.S. and Europe, not the Catholic church, blowing smoke

United States and Europe are still seen as trend leaders in world economic matters ...

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Women are wired differently

all women, and those who love us, as we celebrate ourselves and the countless contributions we make everyday – both large and small – that keep the world turning ...

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Racist incidents at Oberlin College

The words of hate were directed at Black, gay, and Jewish students, and students of Asian descent. According to Oberlin College officials, swastikas were drawn on some buildings and walls, “nigger” was written on some Black History Month posters, a note with the words “nigger + faggot center” was found in the college’s Multi-cultural Resource Center ...

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Being moral only when it’s convenient

want to use Portman’s renunciation of his Christian beliefs to have a more broad discussion of morals and values. ...

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Is College education harder for Blacks with the Obama Administration?

Resources are limited and shrinking at HBCUs and there is a crisis for Blacks in colleges and universities. We can place the blame on the Obama Administration and sue him in the courts, but I don’t think that will change the conditions and our situation. ...

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No crystal stair

No crystal stair ...

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