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Civil Rights hypocrites

Civil Rights hypocrites ...

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Tuning out Black radio

“Historically, Black radio … fulfilled all functions Black people needed … but now it’s time to take a serious look and right the wrong of the mess we call Black radio today ...

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Will President Obama put African Americans on his To-Do-List?

The leaders in the African American community must borrow the Hispanics' talking points, and say to the President, “We helped you now you help us ...

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The scam that stole Thanksgiving

The scam that stole Thanksgiving ...

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Four more years

Four more years ...

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A Black Thanksgiving

A Black Thanksgiving this year and every year should be focused on taking the time as family, friends, colleagues, and simply as “brothers and sisters” to adequately assess and plan for further advancement of the interests, intelligence, and institutions of the Black American community ...

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Thoughts at large

Thoughts at large ...

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‘Now that we have what we wanted’

President Barack Obama was a better qualified candidate for President ...

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