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Voter intimidation efforts still in play

election, a nastier fight to intimidate Black voters is taking place away from the limelight. ...

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Memo to men in the GOP: Rape is rape

Despite some Republicans’ recent comments, sexual violence against women is unambiguous. ...

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Obama can get re-elected without a majority of popular vote

he could still get re-elected by winning in the Electoral College, where he currently holds an edge over Republican challenger Mitt Romney ...

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A witness to scandal

A witness to scandal ...

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Big Bird, binders, and bayonets: Psychographic marketing and the 2012 presidential election

Presidential elections have historically been viewed as a sacred sector of American society in which candidates stand upon their beliefs and debate the issues of the day for a chance to become the leader of the free world ...

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The White Romney vote: Based on race?

Romney has going for him a poll-obsessed media keen on a close race sustaining ...

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Elections have consequences

Everyone always says that whatever the current election is, it’s the most important election ever. And they’re always right. This year is no exception. It is the most important election ever. ...

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Budget woes await winner of Presidential election

some government contractors are cutting back in anticipation of what is called sequestration and some politicians are saying that our national defense will be “hallowed” by the process ...

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