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Should you obey a law that forbids worshipping God?

You should do what’s right. Obey what’s right, and you will be fine.” ...

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St. John Baptist Church hosts Joshuas Heart Foundation food distribution

St. John Deaconess Edwina Royster-Pace, the Joshua Heart Foundation effort was needed, welcomed and will return for a Thanksgiving Day feed the hungry effort. ...

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Maria H. Arenas, a retired teacher and school administrator with Miami-Dade County Public Schools succumbs

Maria H. Arenas, a native Miamian, was born March 10, 1947 (Christian Hospital) and raised in “Overtown.” She retired as a teacher and school administrator with Miami-Dade County Public Schools. ...

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Why does the Bible say, “Honor your father and mother”?

The fifth commandment is designed to keep parents sane by giving children a principle to guide their behavior and attitudes toward their parents ...

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Piney Grove Boys Academy

First Baptist Church Piney Grove held their First Annual Fundraising Dinner for Piney Grove Boys Academy ...

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Valedictorian who recited Lord’s Prayer gets attacked by anti-religion groups

Roy Costner IV, 18, who ripped up his prepared speech and instead delivered the Lord’s Prayer, has come under attack from the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF). ...

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New Creation Baptist Church celebrates their Camp Meeting

New Creation Baptist Church of Deerfield Beach, Fla. celebrated their “Camp Meeting” which demonstrated the church service of yester-year. Elder Howard Akins, Sr. was the guest speaker (Retaining Your First Love). ...

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NFL Hall of Famer, actor Deacon Jones dies at 74

David “Deacon” Jones, a Pro Football Hall of Fame defensive end for the Los Angeles Rams who went on to appear as an actor and a TV pitchman for Miller Lite, has died. He was 74. ...

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What is the lesson of Noah and the Ark?

Kids Talk About God ...

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