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Local resident Edwin C. Adams succumbs

Edwin C. Adams, fondly known as Buster, 95, passed away ...

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How might God reward you for refusing to get even with someone who hurt you?

He said that if you want to heap hot coals on the heads of your enemies, be kind to them. He also said, “And the Lord will reward you ...

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Cherished memories of Charles ‘Chuck Goody’ Goodrum

[caption id="attachment_15733" align="alignleft" width="180"] Charles 'Chuck Goody' Goodrum[/caption] Cherished memories of Charles ‘Chuck Goody’ Goodrum From the Goodrum Family Charles Leo Goodrum was born Wednesday, January 11, 1950 in Miami, FL to Demosthenes Leo and Ida Knowles Goodrum. The family relocated to Winter Haven, Fla., where he began his education in the schools of Polk County. At an early ag ...

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FDA pays tribute to one of Africa’s greatest champions, Sarah Moten who passed peacefully on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It is with great sadness that The Board of Directors and members of The Foundation for Democracy in Africa (FDA), announce the passing of Sarah Moten Board Member and 2008 recipient of FDA’s highest honor -”The Medal of Glory Award.” ...

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Senior Pastor Dr. Willett Mitchell celebrates 40 years

Senior Pastor and God’s anointed vessel, Dr. Willett L. Mitchell, who has been teaching kingdom principles for 40 years. ...

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How can you avoid being double-minded?

“A way to stop being a double-minded person is to quit thinking about gifts from God. ...

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We remember! Former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray, III dies in London at Wimbledon

[caption id="attachment_15237" align="alignleft" width="144"] William H. Gray, III[/caption] We remember! Former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray, III dies in London at Wimbledon By EURWeb      Former U.S. Rep. William H. Gray III, the first African American Majority Whip has passed away suddenly at age 71, Monday, July 1, 2013. One of our most influential politicians and former member of Congress has passed away. ...

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Should you obey a law that forbids worshipping God?

You should do what’s right. Obey what’s right, and you will be fine.” ...

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St. John Baptist Church hosts Joshuas Heart Foundation food distribution

St. John Deaconess Edwina Royster-Pace, the Joshua Heart Foundation effort was needed, welcomed and will return for a Thanksgiving Day feed the hungry effort. ...

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