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Mount Hermon A.M.E. Church celebrates Pastor and Mrs. Willie J. Cook Pastoral Appreciation service

community of South Florida will observe the annual Pastor’s Appreciation for Pastor Rev. Willie J. Cook, M.Div., and Mrs. Dorothy D. Cook ...

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Ken Norton, the man who broke Muhammad Ali’s jaw, dies at the age of 70

Ken Norton has died at the age of 70. Norton is known for three amazing fights he had with Muhammad Ali, even breaking the champion’s jaw during one fight. ...

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Michael Eric Dyson to Black church: Stop treating gays like white folk treat you

Dyson then compared homophobia in the Black Church to the racism espoused by many whites, saying “Black folk beating up on gay people… we doing the same thing white folk did to us.” ...

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To know God

To know God ...

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Minute Meditation: Prayer for working parents

Minute Meditation ...

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God goes with his people through faith

God goes with his people through faith By Dr. Lorraine Alexander      The story of the three Hebrew boys gives to us perfect example of God’s love for his children! Sometimes we feel and think that God is no where near our circumstances, but I am here to tell you he isn’t only near, he is with us in them. Whatever your fire is he is there with you, cooling the flames for you. As the old hymn says; “Walk wit ...

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“Where do we go from here?”

message to us today is as clear as it was 50 years ago if only we could hear, heed, and follow his warnings about what we need to do to make America America. ...

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Six myths about grief

Six myths about grief ...

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Do babies go to Heaven when they die?

“Babies go to heaven because that’s where they belong. ...

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