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Q&A: What Does Reverend Deal say this week?

“God will pardon your sins” ...

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Why does jealousy drive some people crazy?

"I think jealousy drives some people crazy because they want things that other people have, and that's what they think about all the time, ...

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‘14% of the “Unchurched” are Black Americans’

‘14% of the “Unchurched” are Black Americans’ ...

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Why should we keep our word?

In some circumstances, it could save lives. ...

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God, whom shall we vote for?”

Q & A: “What Does Reverend Deal Say This Week ...

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Obituary for Leo R. Gray

Leo Roger Gray, 92, departed this life Friday, September 23, 2016, with family by his side at his Coconut Creek home. ...

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Is Anger wrong?

Don't try to justify selfish anger by rationalizing it into righteous anger. When the disciples saw Jesus clearing the temple, they remembered Psalm 69:9: "Zeal for your house has eaten me up." ...

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Hopefully, you will make the right decision”

Q&A: What Does Reverend Deal say this week? ...

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How do you sense God’s presence?

Do you sense God’s presence in the beauty of his creation and in people who are walking in his Spirit? ...

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