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How might God reward you for refusing to get even with someone who hurt you?

“When someone hurts you, this doesn’t mean you come out swinging. You should pray for them,” ...

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Rev. Franklin Graham ignores racism

Since the post, I have personally spoken with Rev. Graham – reaching across cultural, racial and religious divides – and we both agreed that his comments were insensitive and not clothed in the right language to convey that he meant well and not ill. ...

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Why did Peter deny Jesus three times?

Peter denied Jesus three times because he forgot that he had power in God.” ...

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Vince Kendrick dies at age 63, scored first Bucs’ TD

ince Kendrick, who scored the first touchdown in Tampa Bay Buccaneers history, and a former Florida Gators fullback ...

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Memorial services for the late Karen L. Bankston

Memorial services ...

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What will you do when you see God?

We can confidently say that God will fulfill the hearts of his people ...

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Adele Litman Savage passed away

Adele Litman Savage passed away ...

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Meet John ‘Jahni’ Moore

I am fascinated by the magic and duality of human journey ...

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How has the Lord protected you?

God’s protection, how many of us consider the simple things? “God has given me a roof over my head, food on my plate, water in my cup and the most loving family ...

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