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Texans owner Bob McNair has called NFL players inmates

Houston Texans owner Bob McNair has ruffled some feathers with his latest comments. In a meeting with NFL owners about players kneeling for the anthem, he stated, “we can’t have the inmates running the prison.” ...

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Why the Running Game Is Still the Key For Miami Dolphins Playoff Run

It’s 2017, and the era of running backs seems like it’s coming to an end in the NFL. Two weeks ago at the Hall of Fame ceremonies, important words were spoken. San Diego Chargers legendary running back LaDainian Tomlinson uttered these words while he was in Canton, Ohio. "Running backs today, they don't have the same opportunity,'' Tomlinson said. "They're throwing the ball a lot more today than what they d ...

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The Miami Dolphins Defense Will Have to Continue to Dominate!

Ready or not. Believe it or don't. One word to describe the Miami Dolphins defense is sick. The Dolphins defense is one of the prime reasons why they made it to the playoffs last year. This year if the fish want to continue to repeat their regular season success, they need to continue to focus on their defense. The Dolphins starting defense looks great and Thursday's game was no different. Although, Miami l ...

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Brandon Doughty Leads the Way For the Miami Dolphins Preseason!

It’s been a very peculiar offseason for the Miami Dolphins. After losing their franchise starting quarterback, the Dolphins had to reshuffle the deck. Ryan Tannehill, who's in the prime of his career might be gone for the season so Miami had to go back to the drawing board. Then came the news of the organization signing a former quarterback who oozed with potential in Jay Cutler. However, for as much as peo ...

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RISE to get honored with an award from ESPN

Due to Ross’ works with RISE, on July 11 in Los Angeles, RISE will receive ESPN’s Stuart Scotty ENSPIRE award at the third annual Sports Humanitarian Awards. ...

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RISE to Get Honored With An Award From ESPN

Equality, unity, and opportunity. These are three of the fundamental principles that make athletic competition great. These values are expressed normally in athletic matches, but not always in society. That's where the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality steps in to help bridge the gap. The non-profit organization was founded by Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. The organization has helped bridge the ga ...

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Rattlers Propel Jacksonville Sharks to Top Playoff Seed

The Jacksonville Sharks are the hottest team in the area, going undefeated to the last game of the season, where they rested players in preparation for hosting the first round of the National Arena League (NAL) playoffs. ...

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2nd Annual Boxing National Qualifiers and Championship Series Kicks off in South Florida

Saturday afternoon many young boxers gathered at Joseph C. Carter Park to step in the ring and compete. ...

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” Lao Tzu once said and the start of OTAs is the one step that will lead to those thousand miles. ...

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