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How Do You Lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars? At Least Ryan Tannehill Shined!

You know it's bad when fans are starting to rant about how bad the coaching is and it's only week two. We’ve all had a lot of high expectations for the Miami Dolphins this season and why wouldn’t we? They spent $100 million dollars with $60 million guaranteed to bring in the best defensive tackle in football, Ndamukong Suh. They also signed Ryan Tannehill to a long-term contract extension. On paper, this te ...

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5 Reasons the Miami Hurricanes Can Win the ACC

The Miami Hurricanes are once again on a winning streak. They've started off the season in a big way by accomplishing a 3-0. This year it's starting to finally look like the season that all of us have been waiting for. Since I don't believe in jinxes actually working, it's time to declare something major. We all should start to expect great achievements from this team. This year we all should expect this Hu ...

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FIU & FAU have legit football programs; welcome to the new age!

The times in South Florida are rapidly changing. No longer are the Miami Hurricanes the only team that needs to warrant your attention. ...

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FIU & FAU Have Legit Football Programs; Welcome to the New Age!

The times in South Florida are rapidly changing. No longer are the Miami Hurricanes the only team that needs to warrant your attention.  Back in the day it was an honor to get a scholarship to the University of Miami, as it is still today. Nevertheless, because of the way that other programs in South Florida have risen in the last decade, it’s also an honor to get a scholarship from their program as well.  ...

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Miami Hurricanes: So Far Are You Bearish or Bullish On Their Season?

Sink or swim, fight or flight. Those are the two options that occur when fear starts to sink in. At one point during the game against Florida Atlantic University, Miami Hurricanes fans were sweating from fear because they had no clue how the game was going to turn out. The Hurricanes played against Florida Atlantic on Friday night and at one point the game was tied 20-20 and the situation looked like it had ...

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Miami Dolphins: 1 Down, 15 More Wins To Go! Another Undefeated Season!?!?

Have you ever gotten a piece of coal for Christmas because you were naughty?  Last season, the Miami Dolphins organization gave their fans a piece of coal for their parting gift. The season ended with a lot of sour grapes for the Dolphins organization. They saw their playoff opportunity fly out the window the second Mike Wallace stepped off the field and refused to get back into a football game. Wallace is ...

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