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The First Annual International Sports Festival

It’s not a secret about how good the athletes here are in South Florida. College coaches from all over the nation scour the streets of Miami-Dade & Broward county looking for new recruits to play for their respective programs. Even though the South Florida area is predominantly known for the incredible local football talent that emerges each year, basketball isn’t too far behind either. The sport has be ...

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Black Woman Climbs Flagpole, Snatches Confederate Flag Down From South Carolina Statehouse

They say if you want something done, get a (black) woman to do it. Just after dawn this morning, activist and North Carolina educator Bree Newsome climbed a 30-foot flag pole and snatched the Confederate flag down from the South Carolina Statehouse grounds. As officers repeatedly asked, “Ma’am, please come down off the pole,” Newsome quoted scripture on her descent, including verses from Psalms: “The Lord i ...

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5 Things To Take Away From Miami Dolphins Mini Camp

Have you ever woken up and knew that it would be a good day? Miami has been waiting 2356 days for another playoff appearance from their beloved Miami Dolphins and it looks like they won’t have to wait much longer. The Dolphins held their minicamp June 16, 2015 and everyone was upbeat, joyful and energetic. Linebackers Kelvin Sheppard and Chris McCain helped set the cheerful tone with their dancing after mak ...

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NBA Finals predictions

NBA Finals predictions ...

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Serena Williams, a champion on and off court

Serena Williams, a champion on and off court ...

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LeBron James is underappreciated

LeBron James is underappreciated ...

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Blacks need Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball (MLB) needs Black America as its current fan-base ages out and as younger people grow intolerant of the pace and culture of the game. ...

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The transformation of Steph Curry

The transformation of Steph Curry ...

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Tom Brady deserves to be punished

Tom Brady deserves to be punished ...

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