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Changing times unfold the politics of political skullduggery

Derek Joy

Derek Joy

Changing times unfold the politics of political skullduggery

By Derek Joy

Here We Go Again. Or so the Isley Brothers sang.

And long before, centuries before, Rossini composed The William Tell Overture as an opera.

Lo and behold, Gainesville, Fla. will soon get a new sheriff in town. Happens so, the University of Florida Gators, after losing a winnable game against the University of South Carolina, Coach Will Muschamp submitted his resignation.

The hometown kid couldn’t find success, honor or glory where he grew up. Just didn’t happen. Now, the search is on a replacement. Muschamp, who compiled a 27-20 record in three years, will is out the door.

Question is: Will we see any of the same in the political arena, especially among Democrats? Much like, Muschamp, the Democratic Party couldn’t take a lickin’ and keep on tickin’,

The infighting rages on here in Florida, and probably around the nation. Can’t imagine such catastrophic losses without resulting finger pointing and such.

So demoralizing were the results for Democrats in Florida, the only result could be shaking walls from with-in, as well as the outside.

Republicans are definitely having a good laugh, drooling over how they’ll divvy up the dollars.

Democrats are disgusted because there’s little or nothing left for them.  Divisiveness a-bounds.

There are only 38 Democrats in the 120 member Florida State Legislature.  Not enough to represent power. So, they labor as a minority without a voice.  Shameful situation to be in.

Already, there is noise to replace Rep. Mark Pafford of West Palm Beach, as Minority Leader, with Rep. Dwayne Taylor of Daytona.  Enter Allison Tant, Chairwoman of the Florida Democratic Party.

She enlisted the support of their big gun in Florida’s senior Senator, Bill Nelson to attack the problems.

Guess they finally recognized the need to address the ills of their message and their approach. A lack of money will make you do no less.

Republicans, meanwhile, are scouring the lands, far and wide, for viable challenger for Nelson’s seat, among others.  Seems they imported Rick Scott as a political novice and got him twice elected as Governor.

That run included an increased majority in the Florida State Legislature.  This time around the bounty is a $77-million state budget.  A real prize of meal among those who “eat what they kill.”

In the interim, people of the state deserve, by law, representation. Citizens, no matter the race, ethnicity, political affiliation or whatever, are entitled to a return on their tax dollars.

And, politicians, no matter their party affiliation or whatever, have no more duty to their campaign contributors, lobbyists, big business, the wealthy or their political party than they have to leach and every citizen of this state.

There is, among many responsibilities to the people, a fiduciary responsibility. Let no illusion cloud that obligation.

Such a failure would demand an all out attack by the masses.


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