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Charlie Crist’s campaign a stroke of inclusiveness and Democracy

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Charlie Crist’s campaign a stroke of inclusiveness and Democracy

By Roger Caldwell

     This race is too close to call, but if I was a betting man, I would put my money on Char-lie. Charlie has run a strategically intelligent campaign, which engaged all of the diverse cultures in Florida. Ex-Governor Crist is truly the “people’s governor,” because Charlie showed up where you would less expect him to be found.

The Crist campaign was inclusive and at anytime, the “people’s governor” could be found at any Floridian’s kitchen talking about Florida’s problems and getting advice on how to fix it. I had the pleasure of meeting Governor Crist at one of my favorite soul food restaurant in Orlando called Chef Eddie.  Charlie took his time and talked to everyone that had something to say to him, and he ate some of the best soul food in the state.

I have no idea how Charlie acted at his other stops, but that day it was a pleasure talking to him, and he showed genuine concern for me and the other folks at the restaurant. Without a doubt, Charlie is a people person, and he understands the trials and problems of the working and middle class.

I also had the personal experience of seating next to Annette Taddeo running for Lieutenant Governor at a forum, and she is cut from the small mould as her boss. Annette is extremely easy to communicate with and she listens to what you have to say. She is a hard worker, and she is a people’s person, who cares.

At this present time, Crist has a small lead in the polls, but the absentee and actual early votes will be counted Election Day. It is impossible to say, who is in the lead, but veteran strategists don’t think Crist will receive Republican votes. As a result of this prediction, Blacks will determine the winner of this race. Everyone knows that Blacks vote early, with their souls to the polls political project, and this appears to be an advantage for Crist.

Charlie Crist has been canvassing at Black churches, civil rights groups, student groups, and Hispanic groups, and many think this will be the key to beating Scott. Many Republicans believe that Charlie’s campaign strategy came from President Obama’s play-book, which was very successful in 2008 and 2012.

But Republicans have also adopted Obama’s campaign tactics, and organized and spent money early to build a political infrastructure. They targeted Republican areas where Republican did not vote, and they spent money to get the vote out. Governor Scott will spend over $100 million in this campaign and the Democrats will spend over $60 million.

Floridians may be upset about the negative ads, but there is a clear distinction and difference between the candidates. On Tuesday November 4th, Floridians will exercise their responsibility and right with their vote, which is their voice.



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