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Civil Rights or dictatorship and oppression?

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Civil Rights or dictatorship and oppression?

By Dr. P. L. Wright Ph.D.

In listening to Secretary of State John Cary speak on the Palestinian and Israeli Dispute, can we call it a civil rights dispute and struggle as we have in the United States? In 400 years of oppression and lack of civil and human rights and racial injustices, it seems that America still has the same problem that it is trying to help Palestine and Israel citizens work out as a reasonable solution. In America, there is still a civil and human rights problem with unequal justice and unequal opportunities for the African or the Black race of citizens more than others. Why is America not addressing or working toward enforcing the laws to protect all of the civil and human rights and equal justice with equal opportunities for the African or what we now call the Black American race? How long will Black Americans have to struggle with the same issues as Palestine and Israel citizens to gain many of these   same rights, but in America?

In the United States, some Black Americans who have gained financial success are still struggling to gain much of those same rights even with their financial successes. We must always take a clear look at what we are allowing to exist in our own country before we feel what decisions we make for other countries which are absolutely correct and appropriate for all involved for any other country. Let us begin to clean up our own house before we talk about cleaning up anyone else’s house. I hope that we all understand that parable.

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