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Climate change proposal by President Obama

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Climate change proposal by President Obama

By Dr. Phillip Wright

Recently our President Barack Obama has proposed a plan to decrease the pollution in our air that is also polluting our water, too, by 2030. This plan should also help us with our environmental changes we are experiencing today. Many of those who have been paying their fines after proof of them polluting are fighting the Presidents’ plan for the EPA to enforce this plan. Those who are polluters are not happy with this proposal and would like for things to stay the way they are with no enforceable plan to stop the polluters.

The Koch brothers have companies that have allegedly been polluting often but able to pay the hefty fines each time they have been found to have polluted waters near their companies. The two Koch brothers are at least 8 Billion dollars strong. The Wall-Mart Corporation has been an alleged polluter, too, and also able to pay the hefty fines. Wall-Mart Corporation has been at the top of the list of major corporations in the United States for quite a few years. The major stock holder is China. Let us continue to follow this issue to see how the American Citizens will fight this issue with their votes at the polls in 2016. The dilemma is the far Right, and some Wealthy who are in opposition of any of the Presidents’ proposals.

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