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Conflict in Syria

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Conflict in Syria

Written by P. L. Wright Sr. Ph.D.

Listening to the television news about the situation in Syria and the conflicting evidence presented to the congress and the public, may not be enough to gain support for a military strike on Syria by the United States. As well, since Rachar Alsad has stated publicly that some of his soldiers have also been exposed to chemical nerve gas, why doesn’t the United States and Syria join their efforts to investigate together to find who could be responsible for this haziness act on the Syrian people? However, why doesn’t President Obama try to get permission from President Rachar Alsad to question the Syrian soldiers who are ledged to have been affected by chemical nerve gas, too and have them examined by American Medical Doctors for more evidence as proof of President Alsad’s statements? Why is President Alsad not making an effort to find who might be responsible for this horrific murdering of innocent Syrian people, instead of just defending himself against President Barack Obama’s accusations?


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