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Deborah Mizell a legacy of giving

debera-mizelle-use-this-oneIt’s in her DNA:

Deborah Mizell a legacy of giving

By Staff Writer

Deborah Mizell was honored by the Florida Commission for the Status of Women for Community Service on September 22, 2016 in Gainesville, Fla.

In addition to the recognition, she was presented a United States flag that was flown in her honor above the U.S. Capital building and a letter of acknowledgment by Governor Rick Scott.

John and Dottie Ruffin, who nominated Deborah, said this about her, “Deborah is a friend, an ambassador and advocate for her community. However, not just Broward County. I personally know of instances where some-one in Broward County has recommended her to someone in other Florida counties and other states for assistance. “

heroes and sheros.

As a member of the Aging and Disability Resource Center, she is an advocate for the elderly and disabled in Broward. As the laws change, she educates the community on how the change will affect them.

Deb served as member of the Broward County CSW for many years and in later years served as second Vice President. Unfortunately, she had to resign due to becoming a full time caregiver for her sister. However, she never stopped educating women and girls about issues concerning them.

Deb organized and chartered the Greater Fort Lauderdale Broward Chapter of the NBNA to empower nurses of all ethnicities and cultures. The membership is open to all nurses because as she says, “this chapter will look like what the profession looks like… diverse.” The chapter is a resource for all nurses in the county and an outlet for issues within their profession.

As a Broward College (Central) Program Advisory Committee member, Deb assists in developing a curriculum that addresses the knowledge that the current nursing students need now and in the future of the healthcare industry.

Deb also designed a 12 week program for inner city girls, 12-17 years, to teach proper etiquette, make up application, hair care, and appropriate attire personally and professionally.

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