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“Donald Trump, your policies will not work”

“Donald Trump, your policies will not work”

Mr. Trump. You have dehumanized so many people throughout America and abroad. Then rieelection winds down, Mr. Trump tries to use his celebrity statu, racist approach and dictatorship toward gaining African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color, along with women voters on November 8th, Mr. Trump, You did mention your “Law and Order” stance and you being none other than the law and order president with all the solutions to crime in America. My prayers go out to Dwayne Wade’s beloved family, and my family sends their condolences to your family as well.

Mr. Trump, you have said nothing whatsoever about the neither sentences, nor injustice ploy infringed against people of color. Mr. Trump, it appears it is the least thing on your mind, sir. Am I right? Will it be a continuous cycle taking advantage of the poor and middle class in this country? President Obama has restored justice in the criminal justice system and equal justice as well. President Obama has restored integrity throughout America and has brought families together. President Obama and Hillary Clinton have addressed racism, criminal justice, police brutality, and  sentencing as widely demonstrated in use of President Obama instituting the huge amount of clemencies this president has granted due to the miscarriage of justice infringed on people of color, the poor, and others who received outdated sentences and non-violent crimes. Mr. Trump, this is why I am with Hillary Clinton, and I am urging others to do the same on November 8th. Hillary Clinton for president of the United States of America. Mr. Trump, sir, your biggest concern is “building walls” on the Mexican border. In other words, mistreatment of Mexicans and other immigrants who come to this country to help their families get out of poverty.

Mr. Trump, while you are building your walls to keep Mexicans out, it is very important that you know some of the states in America were part of Mexico at one time such as California, Texas, and Arizona, just to name a few. Mr. Trump, do we build walls around those states to keep people from going to other stages to work or support their families. This is ridiculous. Donald Trump wants to deport 11 million undocumented aliens who have not committed a crime and have done everything that is right. Mr. Trump, how can anyone trust you when your statements are as inconsistent as we saw today when meeting with Mexico’s president. When questioned by a reporter today about the Mexican people, Mr. Trump stated that they were hardworking, honest people. Then we all here heard Trump say those very ones were all drug dealers, criminals,  nothing but derogatory statements about the people of Mexico. These are some of the reasons you can’t trust Mr. Trump for the president of the United States of America and this is why President Obama, I feel Mr. Trump is not qualified to be the president here in this country. There is nothing in Donald Trump’s entire policies that would benefit blacks or Latinos and other people of color.

We all must continue to support Travon Martin’s family, Sabrina and others like her who lost their sons and daughters by racist perpetrators, whether it is the police or whoever uses hatred to take a life. It is all wrong. I guess many of you who read various articles I have written about throughout the years while imprisoned where I have been the past 28 years and counting, might have asked yourself: why hasn’t Rufus Rochelle written anything in a while? Well, sometimes we must take time to put positive things we right about in action and not just talk about it, things that about it. I have not forgotten about either of you out there and will continue fighting for those families that have been left behind. Although I am imprisoned, Federal prison awaiting clemency from President Obama, I want you all to know God is good. Though at times we face severe trials, Christians should never lose hope. Our trust is in God who will never fail us.

Lord, you are my hope in an  open hopeless world. You are my hope of Heaven when everything else has failed, my hope of peace, my hope of change for myself, and all of your, purpose and unconditional love. Fill the reservoir of my heart to overflowing with the joy that real hope brings … Amen

In Isaiah 41:10 “Fear not; for I am with you; Be not dismayed; for I am your God; ! Will strengthen you; Yes I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand”

“I am with her” Mrs. Hillary Clinton and I plead with each and every one for you to register to vote. Then please go this coming November 8th and vote for someone who cares about all of us, Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.


God Bless You,


Rufus Rochelle #08628-017

Federal Correctional Complex – Med.

P.O. Box

Coleman, FL 33521-1032



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