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Family and Friends Catering: Word of mouth of their excellent food

FAMILY-AND-FRIENDS-CATERINGFamily and Friends Catering: Word of mouth of their excellent food

I was raised in South Florida by my hardworking parents.

They taught me about the importance of working hard for our family, but also making sure our community is served just the same. So from an early time I was taught to help others who can’t necessarily help themselves.

A number of years ago, my father passed away from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.  Today, I am part of my mother’s care team because she too is afflicted with a progressive dementia like Alzheimer’s. Despite the fact that she sometimes doesn’t even recognize her own hunger because of the disease, she enjoys the foods I prepare for her.  These are the recipes she raised me on and will have until the end of her life.

In the last few years my church community reached out to me because there was a greater need to help our members feed their own families in the community; after that my husband, Michael, our business partner Tangela and I started Family and Friends Catering to help feed our community by preparing delicious meals for folks who are on a budget. This work has opened up further opportunity and expansion. Word of mouth of our excellent food preparations and responsible costs has facilitated the growth of our Family and Friends Catering Business.

Some of our children are involved in the business as well and help out at the events, too.

We are proud of our catering company and have even been able to continue the charitable community work while growing our business.

Our contact information: (754) 366-8239.


Instagram:Familyandfriendscatering. Facebook:Family and friends catering.

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