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Gabby Douglass shared her life and story with the world

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglas

Gabby Douglass shared her life and story with the world

By Dedrick D. Henry, Sr.

     Gymnast Gabby Douglass has been quite busy since she captured the gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. Douglass did a great job reporting with Inside Edition for 2014 Super Bowl and she has also written two books.

    The Gabby Douglass Story was featured on the Lifetime Channel starring Regina King as Natalie Hawkins (Gabby’s mother). The story depicts the trials and tribulations Douglass had to persevere for success.

The film allows us an in-depth view of Douglass’s adversaries and friends, as well as the racism, bullying and conflicts she had to endure throughout her career. She also shares her views and thoughts of her absent father and the negative remarks about her hair.

The story also shares the hardship of a single parent trying to make a better way for her child’s future success, especially in a sport that is quite expensive, like gymnastics. The film shows her Olympic success and days, months, and years leading up to the 2012 Olympics.

This is a must see for competitors and people alike because it truly shows the determination and the will of a true athlete and having a dream fulfilled.

Most important, Douglass shows us how dedication, faith and the will to fight will benefit in the future if you continue to work hard and never give up, regardless of the circumstances.


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