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‘Getting a healthy, wealthy mindset with Dr. Dennis Kimbro’

DK-addresses-the-audiance-F‘Getting a healthy, wealthy mindset with Dr. Dennis Kimbro’ 

By K.L. Brown

Attitude is something we shape and choose in determining our path in life and also is a factor in the number of digits in our bank account. What do you think is a determining factor in having a healthy mind-set about your personal wealth?  According to Dr. Dennis Kimbro during a financial workshop held at the New Mt. Olive Baptist Church (NMOBC), in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. recently.

Dr. Kimbro shared that we have to be conscious of our thought patterns in setting the tone over our life in determining our successes and with-standing our failures. We have to remind ourselves of our intentions to forge ahead in meeting our goals, regardless of the obstacles .

Could becoming a millionaire be as simple as gaining financial stability and wealth –by putting mind over money?

Dr. Kimbro thinks so and he said it this way, “it takes personal will power and action to have perception take over your reality. We are here to make money and not excuses due to our circumstances and where we came out of.”

That is why some are rich and others are impoverished. There are big dreamers and non-dreamers in our society and that distinction is not determined by if you drive a Kia verses a beamer.

During  the workshop he outlined seven wealth choice laws to govern us, such as: Knowledge – wealth begins in the mind and ends in the purse; Decision – in deciding not to be poor; Believe – in yourself regardless if others don’t; Unique Gift –  find yours; Ask – How can I serve thee?; Own your own and Make your money  grow.

Of the 142,000 households in 2015 worth $25 million or more, up from 132,000 in 2013 – the rich are getting richer!  Also as a side- note as the rich are indeed getting richer, more people are becoming wealthy. The millionaire population plunged in 2008, but is bouncing back. You mean being wealthy is not rich?

Dr. Kimbro’s philosophy is to not necessarily strive to be a millionaire, but aim more towards self fulfillment. He advised that money is not the bot-tom line – love is!  He emphasized to never do it for the money – it won’t sustain you in keeping it going!  Find your area of excellence, and there the marketplace will then seek you out.

The author, professor and faculty member at Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration, certified Napoleon Hill Science of Success trainer and leadership coach whom is also referred to as a ‘thought leader’ provided the adult audience at NMOBC, ideas, strategies and success principles to be guided by  in seeking ‘A Transformed Financial Mindset.’

Dr. Kimbro also has authored five books that have influenced readers from all over the world.

Relayed in his talks about financial success are biblical references to support his theory that if you can’t save ten per-cent of your resources whether tithing or saving, you won’t succeed in multiplying your assets.

Dr. Kimbro started out on his crusade studying why people of color in impoverished countries weren’t as wealthy as those not of color while getting his doctorate degree from Northwestern University.

He found that there wasn’t much of a difference between those countries and the United States in terms of the ratio of the 1% rich vs. the vast majority of poor.

“Wealth doesn’t seem to penetrate the families and communities where people of color lay their heads unless they are an athletic or an entertainer.  So is the difference in their mindsets or perseverance,” asked Kimbro.

The caliber of millionaires and billionaires he interviewed resembled the same message he heard from them time and time again in following the same path in succeeding, whereas, finding the unsuccessful all fell into the same pit over and over again in the opposite direction.   The question remains through those inquisitions of how can impoverished Black Americans pull themselves out of poverty and reach their full potential, still has Dr. Kimbro searching for the answers.

The NMOBC Stewardship Ministry presented the occasion for adults with Dr. Kimbro and on a separate day for the children on the topic of financial stewardship. There were over seventy children that attended, and  deemed a success will be continued as an annual event.

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