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Greed, poverty, crime, profiling and unequal justice

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Dr. Phillip Wright, Sr.

Greed, poverty, crime, profiling and unequal justice

By Phillip L. Wright, Ph.D.

As a youngster growing up here in Miami, Florida, I have personally experienced or seen much racial discrimination and Profiling causing enormous race disconnect. In 1963, I was profiled and placed in a jail cell for 2 hours, for J-Walking, and released when I showed my voters registration card. . . A young Black in a new car might be profiled by police as I was during 1964. I just happened to have purchased the very first Mustang automobile sold in Miami, driving it around Miami and Hialeah. I was only 19 years old; a stranger in a neighborhood looking for an address may also be profiled.

The blind are cheated out of their money, services, and clothes taken by some of those persons who are hired by an agency to take care of the elderly or disabled. Sometimes they are robbed. It has become so prevalent everywhere across the country that everyone is watching in suspect of each other to feel safe from who is watching them, or following them and who just might have evil intentions. Yes, we are at that point of disparity. No one is immune. So much has been brought to the forefront since the death of Trayvon Benjamin Martin.

We must all now agree and accept the facts of the reality that these types of crimes due to greed and inequities must end if we intend to move forward. We must start and maintain a permanent movement of dialogue about these practices to change or modify those unequal laws and hold those persons accountable for these type practices that create so much crime and poverty toward each other, sometimes ending in death. We can admit that the Black community has its share of problems due to the system of unequal practices of our U. S. laws, which is not administered as equal to whites or others. Let us all come together and make a difference at the Voting Polls in our next city, state, governmental and Presidential elections.



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