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HS students suspended for holding a ‘piercing party’ in the locker room

HS Students Suspended HS students suspended  for holding a piercing party in the locker room

HS student suspended for having a Piercing party

HS students suspended  for holding a ‘piercing party’ in the locker room

By Your Black World

    The words “what the h-ll is wrong with teens today?” might be a good fit for the story you’re about to read right here.   Four students in Atlanta were suspended for holding a piercing party in a school locker room.                

    Using dirty needles, they were giving each other piercings in several parts of the body, including the tongue, navel, and lip. 

    The girls got a piercing kit off the Internet, and used it as if they were professionals. 

    “She was like, ‘Do you want to do it?’ I was like, ‘Sure.’ And she had the whole kit and everything,” a student told WSB-TV.  We just hope that none of the kids received any infections, and we also hope that they know the long-term consequences of their actions. 

Grinage got a stud through her tongue, as well as her belly button. The friend with the piercing kit charged each of the girls $5 per piercing, WSB-TV reported.

“She used the same needle on that one girl that she did on the other girl,” Grinage said.

One of the teens even suffered a lip infection following the unsafe piercing practices, Grinage said.

Once one of the girls’ mothers found out about the “piercing party,” she alerted school administrators. The girls were suspended for 10 days, WSB-TV reported.

Grinage’s aunt, Lena Harrison, told WSB-TV that she was surprised none of her niece’s teachers noticed her piercing.

“She saw four other teachers after this. Not one of them said, ‘Is something going on with you that you can’t talk?’ Harrison told WSB-TV. “How did nobody hear girls in the bathroom getting pierced? Because I know it was quite an adventure.”



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