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It’s October & the Miami Dolphins Season is Already Ending

It’s October & the Miami Dolphins Season is Already Ending

Just when you think the Miami Dolphins are taking another step forward, they say “Nope, we’re not there yet.”

The Miami Dolphins once again wet the bed in front of their crowd inside of Hard Rock Stadium. Their last home game, they played in an overtime thriller against the 0-3 Cleveland Browns. The Dolphins ultimately won that game on the legs of Jay Ajayi.

However, on Sunday against the Tennessee Titans, the Dolphins played worse than they did in their last home game. It wasn’t a surprise that they took a loss to the now 2-3 Tennessee Titans. Marcus Mariota led the way for Tennessee as he finally had the breakout game people were looking for. Mariota finished the game going 20-for-29 with three touchdowns and no turnovers.

On the other hand, the Dolphins signal-caller had a more difficult time. Ryan Tannehill finished the game going 12-for-18 for 191 yards and two interceptions. Tannehill looked timid and uncomfortable the entire game. Fans in attendance started chanting out, “We Want Moore.” In reference to playing the Dolphins backup quarterback Matt Moore.

Nonetheless, we could point the finger for the loss to every member of the team.

“Every man has to be better, starting with me. We have to feel better. We have to block better. We have to move better. It’s just (about) going back to work, there’s nothing drastic. All we have to do is come to work and get better each and every day. Every man controls the things he can control, work at the things he needs to work at, and we’ll be in good shape” said Tannehill.

Additionally, the defense was soft as they were out with only one starting linebacker in Kiko Alonso. The Dolphins allowed 21 points within the first two quarters of the game. It set them back, and second-year quarterback  Mariota gave a bit of a galvanizing effort to his teammates this game breaking the beginning of his sophomore slump.

Right before halftime, Mariota drove his team with less than two minutes of the clock to a touchdown. Then it was Ryan Tannehill’s turn. Tannehill failed to cross the 50-yard line before halftime and Miami went into recess down 21-14 at home.

On the brighter side, the Dolphins have a number of other pieces on their roster that are great to build around. One of them is rookie Jakeem Grant who had a glorious kickoff return for a touchdown.

This season no one expected the Miami Dolphins to have a great season.

After finishing with a 6-10 record last year, we knew this team had to make a lot of improvements. Bringing in Adam Gase was a solid start but having a rookie coach wouldn’t help them to win more games from the beginning. But even Gase himself has noticed that the offense hasn’t been living up to standards.”

“We’re inept right now. We’ve just got to figure something out.There’s nothing really great that I can point to in this game, especially for the offense…We’ve got to go back to work. We’ve got to figure out a way to do a better job of consistently executing play in and play out” said Gase.

Now the Dolphins are not at a crossroads, but they’re at one of the most important parts of the season. The season could completely snowball if the organization doesn’t get it together. At 1-4, the team will have to take a long hard look at themselves and see what it is they’re really playing for because their season is almost over.

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