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Miami Dolphins: Larry Little Inducted into Hometown Hall of Fame

Miami Dolphins: Larry Little Inducted into Hometown Hall of Fame

What happens when dreams come true?

Playing in the National Football League is a goal that most aspire to achieve when they start playing organized football. Actually achieving that goal and playing in the league is a feeling that some will only get to embrace. Playing for one’s hometown professional team is a feeling that most will never get to see.

Larry Little and Family 2

Larry Little, on the other hand, got to do exactly that.

After signing as a free agent in 1967 with the San Diego Chargers, Little was traded after two years to the hometown Miami Dolphins. Once Little was traded to the Dolphins he immediately won the starting right guard position and never looked back. Thanks to his athleticism, Little was faster than most of the defensive lineman he faced and was able to create running lanes for the Dolphins rushing game in the 1970’s. Additionally, his abilities allowed him to become very quick during pass protection and he became one of the best guards in the league. Thanks to his work on the offensive line he helped the Dolphins win their only two Super Bowls in franchise history, including the undefeated 1972 season.

Larry Little Event SpeakersAlready a member of the 1993 Pro Football Hall of Fame class, most people in the South Florida community know Little for his time playing for the Dolphins. What they should also know is that his career got started down in Historic Overtown at Booker T. Washington Senior High School.

On May 25, 2016, Little was named to yet another Hall of Fame, the Hometown Hall of Fame.

Playing for Booker T. Washington, Little learned how to play football. He first started playing at 13-years-old and played sparingly in his first three seasons at the school. People didn’t believe that Little would make it to the NFL. However, he never let their doubts adjust his faith.

“There were times where people told me what I couldn’t do, but I believed in myself,” said Larry Little.

Eventually, those people were proved wrong because in his senior year he received two scholarship offers. One of them was at the school he eventually ended up committing to, Bethune-Cookman. 

In front of a packed auditorium inside of his alma mater, Little gave a speech in front of students, faculty, some of his former Dolphins teammates including Nat Moore, Mercury Morris, and Dwight Stephenson, as well his immediately family and the next generation of football players at Booker T.

“With the area Booker T. is in, I’m grateful that something like this can go into my high school and be there forever,” said Little.

To the students of the school, especially the football program who just this school year won their fourth state championship in a row, Little is a hero. Little gives these children a lot of hope because he’s from the exact area which they are from. For the students to see a man who was named to six All-Pro Teams, six Pro Bowls and who won three NFLPA AFC Offensive Lineman of the Year awards, all because his career started all in Historic Overtown, it means they all can do the same.

“It’s been a wild ride for me, but I made it,” said Little.

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