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Millennial Eating Habits Shameful and Profitable

Kevin Palmer

Kevin Palmer

Millennial Eating Habits Shameful and Profitable

By Kevin Palmer

Baby Boomer parents were negligent when it came to instilling healthy eating habits in their millennial children. This negligence has created a generation of Americans with over stimulated brains and under stimulated bodies contributing to the more than 1.9 billion overweight and obese adults, according to the World Health Organization.

Moreover, according to a March 4, 2018 Business Insider article, Millennials’ eating habits are wildly different from their parents’ – and the food industry has to face urgent consequences, “Millennials love prepared food and spend the least amount of time on meal prep. Millennials eat at restaurants more than any other generation. Millennial’s preference for eating out reflects a second point of departure from their parents: They’re less willing to cook. Millennials spend the highest shares of their budgets on prepared foods, sugar and sweets, and pasta.”

Therefore, instead of burning calories preparing healthy food at home, millennials would rather accumulate fat cells by purchasing less healthy prepared food or eat restaurant food which is notoriously high in calories. Such bad habits were the result of parents who took the path of least resistance by indulging their children, thus creating an impatient, sedentary generation who live to eat, not eat to live.

Nevertheless, those who care see the unhealthy eating habits of millennials as a behavior that can be changed. Conversely, those who are calloused and greedy, see it is an opportunity to profit since “Millennials are poised this year to have more spending power than baby boomers,” according to analyst at Bernstein.


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