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Million Dollar Quartet, a musical

million-dollar-quintet2Million Dollar Quartet, a musical

Eddie Clendening as Elvis Presley in the Actors’ Playhouse production of Million Dollar Quartet.

By Hyacynthia Leonce

      On Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, I attended the Million Dollar Quartet, a musical playing at the Actor’s Playhouse at the Miracle Theatre in Coral Gables, Fla.  live!! The musical was directed by Barbara S. Stein, Executive Director, and David Arisco, the Artistic Director.  This play began on Oct. 21 and will run until Jan. 2017.

The play took place in one day in time (Dec. 4, 1956) at Sun Records Studio, Memphis, Tenn.   Sun Records, a music recording studio ran by Sam Phillip. Jim Ballard depicted how Elvis Presley, played by Eddie Clendening, Johnny Cash, played by Sky Seals, Carl Perkins, played by Jeremy Sevelovitz, and Jerry Lee Lewis, played by Dominique Scott, got their start in Rock and Roll. This day depicted the four guys stopping by Sun Records unexpectedly and began a jam session. This show included Dyanne, played by Lindsey Corey, who came to the studio with Elvis as his girlfriend. She appeared to sing some of the songs with them and she had some pipes on her.

I really enjoyed the show and wanted to get up and dance 50’s styles several times during the musical. These guys were rocking!!! They appeared to have great stage presence, knew how to have fun together, and could play! I had not been to a play in a while and this one did not disappoint. My favorite was Jerry Lee Lewis’ character, an obnoxious, talented, and goal- directed young man you couldn’t help but fall in love with. However, the cast members held their own. You had Car Perkins’s character standing on a double bass playing his guitar with the double bass player standing on the bass playing as well. Jerry Lee Lewis, playing the piano while leaning back and standing on it, threw the mike down and caught it with his feet. I was in awestruck. I had never seen anything so cool.

After the show, I asked the lady sitting next to me, Jill Presto, how she felt about the performance and she stated, “I was energetic and infectious, having seen best finale ever.” I could not have said it better. At the end, they played a couple of songs and had the audience get up and dance and sing along with them. I had an awesome time.

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