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Nat Turner: White America’s nightmare

Kevin Palmer Martinez

Kevin Palmer Martinez

Nat Turner: White America’s nightmare

Kevin Palmer, Martinez

      Nat Turner was the product of a wicked culture. In The Confessions of Nat Turner (1831) recorded by Thomas R. Gray, Nat Turner was described as diabolical, ferocious, and savage because he led a band of slaves in the murder of white citizens. However, in reality, Turner was subjected to brainwashing by white Americans.

As an African born into slavery, Nat Turner was intentionally brainwashed out of his African identity, culture, pride, and spirituality. Then, he was systematically and forcefully made to adopt Caucasian beliefs and behaviors. Even the name Nat Turner was not of African origin. All that remained was Turner’s African appearance of which Thomas Gray described as, “Having the true negro face, every feature of which is strongly marked.” Even in the 21st century, less obvious brainwashing techniques are used on Blacks in America which explains why African Americans are African in name only and typically behave, lawfully and unlawfully, like Caucasians.

Moreover, the result of Turner’s brainwashing can be described by the biblical scripture in the gospel of Luke 6:40 which says, “The slave is not above his master, but the slave who is fully trained will be like his master.” Therefore, on August 21, 1831, when Nat Turner led a band of slaves to murder over 50 white citizens, he was only imitating murderous behavior typical of Caucasians. Historically, it is well known Caucasians have been notorious for enslaving humans, committing murder, genocide, rape, gun crimes, sexual immorality, and abusing alcohol and drugs, all while using religious jargon to justify their criminal behavior.

Similarly, Nat Turner followed the Caucasian’s example of using religious jargon to justify his criminal behavior. Turner confessed, “I was ordained for some great purpose…I should arise and prepare myself, and slay my enemies with their own weapons.” Hence, by murdering members of the dominant white culture which created him, Turner became their Frankenstein monster.

In essence, the dastardly deed of Nat Turner was like a mirror reflecting the dark side of white America. Perhaps feeling guilt or shame, the Caucasian Thomas Gray wrote of Nat Turner, “I looked on him and my blood curdled in my veins.”

Thus, Nat Turner became white America’s perpetual nightmare. Indeed, Thomas Gray exposed this fear when he wrote, “It will be long remembered in the annals of our country, and many a mother as she presses her infant darling to her bosom, will shudder at the recollection of Nat Turner.”


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