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Parent abuse: The new face of domestic violence

Parents-AbuseParent abuse: The new face of domestic violence

    ORLANDO FL — As Floridians enjoy the festive holiday season, there are many children as young as 11 years old who are physically and mentally abusing their parent(s) and other siblings. This is a relatively new paradigm, which most families refuse to talk about; a problematic child, and experiencing domestic violence in their home.

Rosemary Slaughter-Pate, a 30-year Lockheed Martin manager, and well respected member in the community, was stabbed and strangled to death July 15, 2013 by her 19-year-old son, Everett Pate, Jr.

The violent behavior began approximately 10 years ago, and there were no local or state laws and resources to address these issues. “Parent Abuse” refers to the continued use of abusive tactics towards a parent which enable children and young people under 18 years old to exercise power over their parent(s). The abuse may be physical (e.g. punching, kicking), emotional (threats, at-tempts to humiliate and undermine), and/or economic (theft, damage to property), etc.

As a result of this tragic and traumatic experience, Alice Flowers (sister of Rosemary Pate) and her family are working to add Parent Abuse as a category under Domestic Violence in the Florida Legislature. Two non-profit 501©3 organizations have been established:  the Parent Abuse Action Coalition (PAAC), and the Morning After Center for Hope and Healing (TMAC). The primary goal of PAAC is political; to get legislation passed in the Florida government.

The goal of TMAC is to provide support to parents that are being abused through education, raising awareness, providing support, and through the development of critical life skills.

The University of Central Florida (UCF) [a result of the direct efforts of PAAC] has agreed to conduct a study of 10 families experiencing this type of violence. The purpose of the study is to put forth effective measures to promote healing through education and mentoring with supportive services. There will also be a final report which will provide innovative recommendations in an area where there have been limited studies.

The family would like to thank former Orange County FL Commissioner, Homer Hartage, Florida Senator, Geraldine Thompson, Orange County FL Sherriff, Jerry Demings, and many more for their support in helping the Parent Abuse bill pass in a Florida Legislative sub-committee.

Finally, please join Alice Flowers, her family and supporters by being an advocate for Parent Abuse prevention as we cannot discount the many parents living in secret and fear of their children. Parent Abuse prevention is everyone’s job, so let’s help spread the word about the Parent Abuse Act by making a donation:  For more information, please contact Alice Flowers (Rosemary’s sister) at (321) 229-7688, by email:, or by visiting


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